Our services

1. Laser cutting
On pallets of 2000x4000 mm we are able to cut the following thickness: 
  •  Carbon steel (ST 52,ST37, HARDOX):     0-20 mm
  •  Inox  steel (heat resistant too) :   0-15 mm
  •  Aluminium:  0-12 mm

2. Flame cutting
On pallets of 2000x6000 mm we are able to cut thickness 10-250 mm for carbon steel.

About the machine parameters you can find more details in MACINE PARK chapter.


3. Metal Sheet Bending
With our 250 and 400 tons machinery we are able to bend 4000mm length and 15 mm thick!

4. Rolling
We are able to Roll 6mm thick  on 2000mm length on the smaller machine and 12-15 mm thick on 3000mm length on the bigger machine.


5. Shearing
If You don’t need laser cut  surface  we can cat with our shears on width of 3000mm and 12 mm thickness.


6. Crane

Both Cranes are  KATO KR 250 types 25 tons CITY CRANE LENGTH of the arms are 33 m long. Awaiting your orders for craning.

Daruzás Daruzás Daruzás

7. Machining

QTN 200 IIM esztergemegmunkáló központ

8. Painting, Sand Blasting
Our Paint cabinet have been installed in year 2007 with the following parameters: 4000*3000*6000 mm.
For paint we use aqua based paint material.

Festőkabin Festett termék Festett termék

9. Welding