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The autopress Co.Ltd. has been founded in Year 1984 (former Autopress GMK) with 100%private ownership.

The activity have started with production of automotive brake components for cars and trucks.

Later on also including the provision of metal and ferrodol parts too.

Since 10 years of metal operations we have developed our locksmith staff related to automotive industry for production of :

- brake jaws

- brake inserts

- exhausting systems

- floating forks

- bumper protectors

- fuel tanks

- superstructures


In the mean time we've moved from our old seat of 500m2 to a new one of 6.600m2 with a workshop of 1200m2.

Together with production of automotive parts we've started  sales of these parts as well as car sales.

After establishing the Ltd. Company in year 1992 , became a radical structural change  in our activity . Because of the 90 % locksmith production we have invested in metal sheet machinery providing :

-metal plate shears(snips)

-press machines

-deep drawing machines

-raming machines


and in year 2002 we got our first CNC  laser cutter machine.

So provided with these machinery we could start to supply semifabricated and finished machine parts.


After moving to the Industrial Park of 7.8 Ha.,we have invested in workshop construction of 6500m2,offices of 1200m2 and also in machines and machine tools as:


- CNC Bending machine

- CNC Plate shears

- Sawing machines

- Profile Roller

- Flame and plasma Cutter machines

- Welding machines

- 2 pcs of CNC  LASER cutters

- CNC Turning machines and machining centers

- Crane on Truck.

Since year 2006 we are present on the market with our free capacity for the above mentioned fields . So You are welcome to visit and contact Us for business relations.

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